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Specialty Uniforms

Specialty Apparel Uniforms
Red Kap manufactures specialty apparel design for specific industries. No matter what your needs are anti static clothing, automotive or housekeeping uniforms, we have you covered. Work Clothes that are built for comfort, yet designed to out perform the competition. Red Kap is the absolute leader in Industrial Safety Clothing.

Red Kap Specialty Apparel
Red Kap offers the largest selection of Flame Resistant and High Visibility Clothing in the industry today. Quality work clothing designed to outlast the competition through the toughest jobs, day after day. Red Kap makes work clothing that is Done Right!

Red Kap is the benchmark for uniform work shirts. Red Kap offers quality, durability, and the largest selection in the industry today. For great looking and long wearing professional work shirts and knit polo shirts, you only have one choice..... Red Kap. Work Shirts, Done Right!

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